The Origin of Life on Earth with @Stephen Meyer : Lab + Information = Mind


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The Origin of Life on Earth with @Stephen Meyer : Lab + Information = Mind

In this interview, Dr. James Tour and Dr. Stephen Meyer discuss science and faith, while getting into the details on the discovery of complex, sequence specific information required for life's function and origin, and the required fine-tuned laboratory that we call our universe that must exist in order for assembly to occur. 

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00:00 - Intro

00:19 - Welcome to Science & Faith

01:20 - Introducing Dr. Stephen C. Meyer

02:48 - "Why do you believe the resurrection of Jesus?"

09:56 - Fine tuning: the Information for Life and the Fabric of the Universe

15:46 - Thought experiment: When a living thing dies, what is lost, and how to rebuild?

20:09 - What is life and how did it get here: Requirements and laboratory interventions

25:08 - Sustaining life: Low entropy, high thermal energy, engines, and information

32:04 - The Positive Case for Intelligent Design

39:47 - Q&A - Multiverse

43:25 - Q&A - Quantum Cosmology

48:13 - Q&A - Alien Life, Information Search & Discovery

50:36 - Q&A - Big Bang Evidence & Implications

53:50 - Q&A - Creation, Fall, and Decay

56:16 - Q&A - Bacteria and Viruses 

59:03 - Q&A - Scientific Methods of Reasoning, Evidence, and Truth

1:04:08 - Q&A - Causal Adequacy - Two Sides of the Same Coin 

1:07:23 - Q&A - Life and Consciousness

1:11:25 - Closing

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In the search to find the cause for life's origin and function, Meyer presents historical scientific methods used by Charles Darwin himself and his mentor Lyell, positing the question: "What causes now in operation are known to produce such effects as these?" and "What has the causal power to create the laboratory conditions we find on our rare planet and also the biological information encoded in digital form, that when decoded and translated, performs a function in lieu of its specific arrangement?" From our repeat and uniform experience, Meyer says, we know of only one cause having such power to produce this type of information: an intelligent agent—a mind. 

By reference to the evidence provided by our human intelligence, and by surveying the probabilistic resources available in our universe, Meyer then makes a positive argument for a greater Designing Intelligence of this universal "set up job" in which life came to be. 

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