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Individual & Group Bible Study - Devotions, Studies, Multiple language

Study the Bible for Free in over 13 languages - reaching over 1,4 Million

Under the leadership of Keith Thomas this website provides an outreach platform that offers:

  • 3-minute devotions
  • Bible studies (online, by topic and available by email)
  • study resources in multiple languages
  • guidance on beginning and running a Bible study group and house church <>

Here is the link for more information and to support his ministry that reaches thousands* of people each week.

Note about the statistics: Go to this page of the website for detailed statistics on this outreach programme:

Keith explains...

"At, we take seriously the Great Commission to teach what Jesus taught and to make disciples of all nations. To fulfil this command of the Lord we are dedicated to providing free in-depth Bible studies with discussion questions for use in small groups and house churches. As we receive finances, we translate Bible studies into 13 languages so that other nations can hear and understand God's Word."

This website has hundreds of Bible studies < (view all studies)> that are focused on discipleship and equipping believers in 13 different languages, reaching 1,400,000 just in 2020 alone. We would like to enlarge our nets to add more languages in Asia and South East Asia and increase the number of studies on different topics too.

Would you help them, please? Just check out their website.
Go to:



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