Six Months to Live!


Peter W. Guess

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Six Months to Live!
I was coaching a client for self-growth. After doing his profile and feedback, I felt urged to ask him, " What would you do if you knew you had only 6 months to live?" This is what happened...

I saw the surprise on his face as he sat silently for a while and then he disclosed that a close family member overseas, had very aggressive cancer and had been given a maximum of 6 months to live.

He had been thinking about when to visit this family member and he was also considering some changes in the business, as well. He told me he was now suddenly confronted by very big decisions and that he had been delaying these decisions. He asked to see me the following week for the next session.

At the next meeting, he shared very clear and detailed plans that would drastically change his personal and business life. The plan was radical.

1. He would call a meeting with his senior management team and announce that he was restructuring the business.

2. He would be going to his family overseas for 6 months at least and would manage the transition from there.

3. He would appoint a new managing director that he would train to take over the business ASAP.

4. On his return he would come into the business once a week and soon become a "sleeping partner".

The team reeled with shock. My client was a very competent manager and engineer - highly respected and loved by the whole management team and staff.

He went on to execute every plan with precision. I met him again after the death of the family member and the total restructuring of his life and business.

We met for a walk in the forest where he shared his losses and gains from the changes - but he was satisfied he did the right things.

As I look back to the day when I asked that "prophetic" question, I realise that it was nothing less than divine intervention. God was speaking in such specific terms and my client took up the challenge.

We cannot escape the realities of death and dying. They get our attention and tend to soften our hearts.

God speaks to us all in so many ways. We just need to stop for long enough to really listen.

Sometimes we only listen on our deathbed. May this not be the case for you.

Jesus is calling you to turn and follow Him, step forward in faith and accept His gift of eternal life - and restructure your life.

"For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son, that WHOEVER believes in Him will have eternal life" - John 3:16

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May God bless and keep you on your journey.

Peter W. Guess



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