New Archaeological Evidence for the Biblical Kingdom of David


Peter W. Guess

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Flint Institute of Arts

Dr. Michael Pytlik, Guest Lecturer 

Oakland University, in partnership with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, has conducted field excavations at the ancient site of Khirbet Qeiyafa, or Biblical Sha'arayim. The project was devoted to a regional assessment of the early Judean monarch (circa the early 10th century BCE) over eleven field seasons. This and other sites recently excavated revealed for the first time archaeological data about the kingdom from the time of King David.

This site revealed details about ancient Israel from the time of David, including biblical religion, daily life, the ancient diet, socio-political details, and more. This talk will discuss why the site was selected for excavation, the exciting finds, and the scope and reach of the kingdom associated with the historical kingdom of David.

Dr. Michael Pytlik is Adjunct Assistant Professor in Anthropology and Religion and the Director of Jewish Studies at Oakland University. He has excavated a number of biblical and more recent sites in Israel and takes students from Oakland to Israel each year on excavations. Dr. Pytlik has a Bachelor’s degree in History and Philosophy, a Master's in Jewish Studies, and a Doctorate in Jewish Studies from Spertus College of Judaic Studies and Leadership, Chicago.

His area of study was historical and theological questions relating to the early Israelite monarchy at the time of King David. He teaches courses in the Archaeology of Israel, Archaeology of Sacred Sites, Jewish History, Theology, Religion and Culture, and World Religions.


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