The Greatest Invitation You’ll Ever Receive!


Peter W. Guess

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"Come to me... Take my yoke upon you... Learn from Me... And you shall find rest for your souls..." Matthew 11:28-30

What's wrong with this theology? Why this farming analogy?

The proper way to use the yoke is for the "farmer" or driver to fit the yoke onto the head of the oxen.

Jesus honours our freedom of choice and He invites you and me to "take" the yoke, put it on and be guided by His will - not mine. The yoke is already on Jesus - just as He carried the cross for us...

Jesus was yoked to the Father's will.

Jesus died, yoked to the Father's will. This is one answer to the question of why there is suffering. Jesus' suffering was for all of humanity - past, present and future, a sacrifice to redeem us to God.

Christ showed that suffering can have a divine purpose in our lives - yes, it can be extremely painful and unjust and inexplicably horrifying!

What does this mean today? Jesus does NOT say bring your life burdens and stresses to me, drop them off at My feet and I will take them away. 

He says link up to Me and I will teach you how to live life in a different way. A way that fits best with the Father, which is best for you. A way that eases the load and teaches you how to carry your burdens in life with dignity and courage and wisdom - a way to turn your life pain around and "harness" it for the good of the Kingdom of Christ. 

Of course He does want us to drop off our guilt, shame and sins at His nail scarred feet and liberate us... But this is very different from the "cross" or yoke we are each called to carry in a unique way.

"There, under the yoke of Jesus, I understand that when God is really in control of my life and I submit myself to His will, I find rest." -

May Jesus bless this message to you and through this extend His invitation to be yoked to YOU in His tender love!


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